Music In The Air

  Writing music is kind of like magic.  You start with nothing, and out of thin air all of a sudden something starts to take shape.  It may start from some melody, chord progression, or rhythm that has been stuck in your head.  Or maybe you come to write with absolutely nothing, but you spend time experimenting with sounds or rhythm and find a nugget that you can build on.  Whatever the case soon you have something where there once was nothing.


" Musicians are artists who paint pictures on silence." - Stokowski

The past year has been extremely difficult.  Since the release of my last album a lot has happened in the world.  With Covid 19, all the social and political upheaval in the United States, and the election. For me it was a particularly difficult year with the sudden death of my brother Gary.  He was a husband, father, and grandfather, a brother and a son. He was a pastor and a follower of Christ.  He touched thousands of lives over the course of his life. He was also a musician. Along with our mother we grew up singing in church. We started our own groups starting in our early teens, and continued to be involved in music right up until the time we left home. Although we pursued different directions in life,  a love of music was something that we shared.  He is greatly missed.

I have continued to write and record new music throughout the year resulting in another complete album " Silhouette".  I hope you enjoy it.