Music In The Air

  Writing music is kind of like magic.  You start with nothing, and out of thin air all of a sudden something starts to take shape.  It may start from some melody, chord progression, or rhythm that has been stuck in your head.  Or maybe you come to write with absolutely nothing, but you spend time experimenting with sounds or rhythm and find a nugget that you can build on.  Whatever the case soon you have something where there once was nothing.


" Musicians are artists who paint pictures on silence." - Stokowski

Don Hicks was born into a musical family in a rural area of eastern Canada.  Growing up he played with a lot of different bands, travelling throughout eastern Canada and Maine.  After high school Don moved to the Boston area to attend college.  He continued to study music privately, and played with a lot of different musicians.  It was here that Don was turned on to jazz and jazz fusion.  Although his life took many twists and turns ( ie. marriage, family, more college, and multiple different career directions) music was the one thread that remained constant in his life.

In 2008, because of multiple health problems Don was no longer able to work a regular job and was classified as disabled.  Although no longer able to play due to physical limitations, Don continued to study and write music.  Each day always included spending at least a little time writing music.  With the advent of modern digital music technology Don began learning to record the music that he was writing.  Like everything else in the digital age there was a learning curve that had to be navigated, and like everything else, the more you do something the better you get at it.  His writing was an attempt to produce the jazz and jazz fusion music that he had learned to love, not for commercial consumption, but just for the purpose of having music he liked to listen to.  Over time he shared his music with friends and fellow musicians, and with their encouragement in the spring of 2020 Don released his first solo album, "Eloquence".

Don and his family continue to live in Massachusetts where he continues to write and record, as well as enjoying family time and his ever present dog pack.